Carbon Neutral Expedition 2010

Andre Shoumatoff

Welcome to my photo-sharing site.

For work: Marketing Director / Principal at Digital Marketing Associates: - managing, developing & executing marketing campaigns through online channels.

Personal: I thrive through hobbies of fab & mechanics, and constantly tinkering with things to get out there with. From about 2002 through 2010 I learned to and built custom Toyota Land Cruisers with diesel engines intended for exploration in the vast Utah & western deserts. I learned how to fabricate and weld. Beginning in 2008 I got heavily into bicycles, and in 2010 I switched from being primarily into cars into primarily messing around with and doing dirtbike-based desert adventures with only the materials you carry on your back or bike, minimalist style.

Bio: 30's. Based in Park City, Utah. Have a little bicycle shop/mechanic station in my basement and I'm also a part-owner at a bike shop that mostly sells Turner mountain bikes.

I also rent a facility for car and motorcycle storage and modification with a few good friends as a semi-professional level. I have been doing this since 2002 (12 years) in about 5 different shops over the years. I'm originally from New York, went to college in Vermont, and high school in Massachusetts.